Self-paced online course with full support and facilitation.

The aim of the course is to provide participants  with the knowledge and skills necessary to pass the Michigan Proficiency Examinations. The course is organized in 8 Units each of which contains resources, activities and interactive practice tests with correct answer explanation and justification. Speaking activities and practice will be carried out through our "Live Online Classroom".

Our online courses provide greater convenience and flexibility than traditional courses held in a classroom. You can access the course content from anywhere, at anytime 24 hours a day. The online platform has built-in communication tools to promote interaction among participants and tutors and provide you with a flexible, motivating, and productive experience. All you need is a computer, a tablet or a smart phone and an internet connection!

Course Books: No books are required. All course materials will be provided through the online platform.

Live Online Sessions: Real-time communication or attendance is not required. However, you can arrange for "Live online sessions" with one of our experienced tutors.

Computer skills and technical support: No special computer skills are required. We will provide you with a brief orientation to the course, explaining how to navigate and locate learning materials, and how to use the different features and tools used in the course. There is ongoing support and help all the way. Once you register you will receive information on the people you can contact for each problem or difficulty you face.


  • an interactive list of idiomatic expressions with their meaning and audio examples.
  • a ful-length Listening Practice Test in the final exam format, with a listening script justification.


  • Grammar theory and practice.
  • a ful-length Grammar Practice Test in the final exam format, with explanation and justification.


  • a ist of words to learn with their meaning and pronounciation, plus an interactive quiz to help you learn them.
  • a ful-length Vocabulary Practice Test in the final exam format, with glossary justification.


  • tips and techniques to help you organize and write your essays.
  • two writing topics to practice your writing, with sample answers.


  • a ful-length speaking test with instructions and tips to practice.
  • online sessions to practice the speaking test with a tutor are available on demand.


Practice Tests

  • ineractive practice tests for the Listening and GCVR sections with correct answer explanation and justification.
  • the tests are automatically marked and the result is instantly stored in your progress report.

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With an extra cost of 15 euros per hour you can arrange for live online sessions with one of our tutors.